We like to talk about professionally tested supplements. That’s why we would like to talk about the clinical review of Ashwagandha Diamond from Apollo Hegemony brand. We would like about how the tests were done and what was their result.

Ashwagandha Diamond from Apollo Hegemony

Ashwagandha Diamond is a novelty product regarding the new branch of the dietary supplements industry – adaptogens. Those are the plants and herbs which allow the body to deal with stress better. Mainly regarding nervous system stress, but there is some research that adaptogens can help also in actual physical stress (they can act as natural painkillers)

Ashwagandha Diamond from Apollo Hegemony
Ashwagandha Diamond from Apollo Hegemony

Ashwagandha Diamond contains highly standardized Ashwagandha root extract (standardized for 7% of active compounds called Withanolides). This is one of the highest standardized extracts available on the market.

Method of testing

Because we don’t have concrete information from the laboratory, we can guess that the test was based on HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography) method. Currently, it is one of the most accurate but unfortunately time-consuming of quality and quantity testing of chemical substances.

Fortunately, it leads to more confidentiality in results of Ashwagandha Diamond tests.

Results of tests

Unfortunately we cannot provide full paper of test. If you want to see it, please check official review of Ashwagandha Diamond.

We can only say, that the official tests prove the quality of final product! That’s why we are highly recommending checking it, if you are in need of support in dealing with stress!